Employer Certification

A Living Wage Employer Certification Process certifies employers (both public and private) that commit to pay their staff and contracted service staff a Living Wage based on the locally calculated rate.

The following general conditions apply to certify Living Wage Employers:

  • 1123356_25013990.jpgAll direct staff will be paid a locally calculated living wage
  • A legally binding contract clause will be inserted into all future/renewed service contracts to ensure that all contracted service workers are paid the living wage
  • In assessing an employer's account is taken of employee benefits and employee commission/tips
  • Certification is periodically reviewed when changes are made to the Living Wage rate

There are a number of certification models that operate in Canada at the moment (some of which can be found here under Tools & Resources) and they differ slightly in terms of how they implement the above conditions. For example, there are different definitions of applicable service contracts and unique ways to calculate benefits contributions.

The development of an agreed national criteria for the certification of Living Wage Employers throughout Canada is very important, as a number of existing and potential Living Wage Employers operate across Canada and there is no way of certifying them on a national basis at the moment. Moreover, having similar branding and messaging is important in building the authority and public recognition of the certification process.

The Canadian Living Wage Framework is committed to working with existing Living Wage Certification processes to develop a national Living Wage Employer Certification criteria that can be implemented locally by communities.