Developing & Launching a Living Wage Campaign

Begin by establishing a community-based living wage committee of business leaders, engaged citizens, community leaders, government, academics and other interested parties. Your poverty roundtable, social planning council, community foundation or United Way are good places to start.


  • Determine the Living Wage for your community (Reach out to Natasha Pei for help with calculations in your region)
  • Discover community champions – universities, municipalities, businesses, etc.
  • Assess the readiness of your community to accept the living wage
  • Establish a communication strategy and campaign – visit the websites of other living wage campaigns for ideas
  • Launch your living wage campaign
  • Recruit and recognize Living Wage Employers
  • Re-calculate the Living Wage on an annual basis if there are significant changes in the costs of living or government benefits
  • Adopt the Canadian Living Wage Framework and begin the work of making your local living wage calculation. Contact Natasha Pei to signal that your community has adopted the National Living Wage Framework as a model for your community campaign and be added to our map!
  • Join the Living Wage Community of Practice. This group is hosted by the Tamarack Institute and you can register to receive call details here