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Communities across Canada are responding to  the increasingly high  levels of low wage poverty. They are advocating that families should earn  an income sufficient for them to pay for the basic necessities of life, so they can live with dignity and  participate as active citizens in our society. They are advocating for a Living Wage.  Living Wage Canada is a site/portal to facilitate learning and information sharing among these communities to help build a national living wage movement. It includes details about the Canadian Living Wage Framework which provides a consistent living wage definition, calculation methodology, and strategy for recognizing corporate and community leadership who commit to pass a living wage policy.


Recent Living Wage Updates

Brandon, MB - $14.55 | Access the Report

Thompson, MB - $15.28 | Access the Report

Winnipeg, MB - $14.54 | Access the Report

Whitehorse, YK - $18.26 | Access the Report

Calgary, AB - $18.15 | Access the Report

Edmonton, AB - $16.31 | Access the Report

Waterloo, ON - $15.42 | Access the Report

Simcoe County, ON - $17.74

Nipiwan, SK - $15.17 | View the Announcement

A Business Perspective on Living Wage and Rising to Ontario's New Minimum

Gilleen Witkowski, Owner of Walk My Dog Toronto, shares her perspective on paying a living wage, and provides recommendations for other companies planning to meet Ontario's upcoming $15 per hour minimum wage increases.

"...from a management perspective, it was the best decision I could have made. We feel good knowing that we're paying a fair wage, and more importantly we have attracted excellent employees who are responsible, affectionate, trustworthy, and take very good care of our clients' pets." 

Read about Gilleen's experience with paying liveable wages


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